Born in 1947; Doctor in Physics and Mathematics, Professor, Head of CAE Department at the BMSTU.

The author of more than 200 scientific works in the field of automatic control, mathematical simulation, optimization methods, concurrent computing, and design automation.

Having graduated from Smolensk Power Technical School (nowadays – Technical School of Electronic Devices), qualification “Radio Instrument Engineering”, was drawn to the color. While in the army, he was in Central-Asian frontier district.

In 1969, after the service, he became the student of Computer-Aided Control Systems Department at the BMSTU. In 1975, he graduated from the BMSTU magna cum laude and started to work as trainee researcher at the same Department to become a post graduate student at the BMSTU soon.

He gained his Ph.D. in Engineering Sciences in 1980 at the BMSTU; the thesis was devoted to the study of approach-deviation efficiency of software managed and position managed objects. At that time, the sphere of A.P. Karpenko’s scientific interests was formed by dynamical tasks of the Game Theory and simulation of complicated dynamical systems.

From 1980 to 1995, worked as younger, senior, and leading researcher (in a sequential order) at the Institute of Solid State Physics and at the Institute of High Temperatures of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR. When working at the Institute of Solid State Physics, he dealt with automation of scientific research. At that time, primary scientific interests of A.P. Karpenko were associated with concurrent computing. Working at the Institute of High Temperatures, A.P. Karpenko started mathematical simulations of combustion and explosion tasks using multi-processor computers, under the guidance of academician V.Ye. Fortov.

In 1995, he presented his thesis “Parametrical adjustment of computing algorithms with the architecture of multi-processor computer systems” at the Institute of Mathematical Simulation of the Russian Academy of Sciences and gained the Doctor’s degree in Physics and Mathematics under 05.13.18 speciality – theoretical basis of mathematical simulation, numerical techniques, and software sets.

From 1995 to 2006, he worked as the head of the Service of Information Technologies and Operation of Automated Control Systems in one of commercial entities and, pluralistically, acted as Professor of CAE Department at the BMSTU. Since 2012 – the Head of CAE Department at the BMSTU.

From 2006 to the present time, A.P. Karpenko has been a Professor of CAE Department at the BMSTU.

Nowadays, major spheres of A.P. Karpenko’s scientific interests are devoted to the methods of solving one-criteria and multi-criteria optimization tasks, methods of load balancing for multi-processor computing systems, methods of controlling multi-sectional robots-manipulators, methods of ensuring trajectory safety of flying machines, neural network algorithms, intelligent learning systems, bio-inspired management and optimization systems.