Head of ECOBIONICS interdisciplinary seminar
Scientific interests: Mechanics of complicated robotic engineering systems, neuro-informatics, optimization methods, the theory of decision making, artificial intelligence methods, ecobionics.

Professional activities: Associate professor of Departments: Theoretical Informatics and Computers Technologies; Computer-Aided Engineering Systems.

Born in 1944 in Sverdlovsk (nowadays – Yekaterinburg). Graduated from the Bauman Moscow State Technical University (BMSTU) in 1972; qualification “Computer-Aided Control Systems”. Worked as a head of system programmers in Automated Control Systems division at ОКБА (OKBA) established at the Ministry of Chemical Industry.

Having completed postgraduate education in the BMSTU in 1982 and having gained Ph.D., held the position of senior researcher in Robotics division in НИАТ (NIAT). Since 1988 – associate professor of Departments: Dynamics and Machine Strength; Computer-Aided Engineering Systems. Since 2010 – associate professor of Theoretical Informatics and Computer Technologies Department at the BMSTU. The author of about 100 works in the fields of informatics, robotics, mechanics, computer-aided engineering systems, man-computer interaction problems, philosophy of engineering, ecobionics.

Participated in international conferences on man-computer interaction problems, neural informatics, robotics, artificial intelligence.